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My name is Katherine and I have always been a passionate at-home beauty enthusiast with a love of natural body care products. I started making sugar for at-home hair removal after I was unable to find a product on the market that worked to my satisfaction.

My sugar was so effective and easy to use that I ditched all my razors! I started sharing my sugar with family and friends and confirmed that this product without a doubt works better than any at-home hair removal product we had ever tried. Alas, Beaver Sugar was born! What I love most about Beaver Sugar is that the product is made with all-natural ingredients including Organic Canadian Maple Sugar which makes it smell so good! Beaver Sugar does not irritate my very sensitive skin and after every use, my hair is growing back softer and finer.

We are proudly

  • 100% Canadian

    Beaver Sugar Wax Kit is a 100% Canadian company, committed to producing high-quality, all-natural hair removal solutions.

  • Natural Ingredients

    The company's commitment to using only the best, all-natural ingredients sets it apart from other hair removal brands.

  • Sustainability

    Dedicated to sustainability, using eco-friendly packaging and sourcing ingredients from responsible sources.