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Why I'll Never Go Back To Waxing: Choosing the Sugar Wax Kit โ€“ A Customer Review!

Sep 29, 2023


My body routine required waxing appointments, but I didn't enjoy them. It seemed like a countdown to a torture session when I scheduled a waxing appointment and saw the alerts on my calendar. From its all-natural composition to its gentleness on the Skin and the prevention of ingrown hairs, sugaring has transformed my hair removal experience. It's a game-changer, and the Beaver Sugar Wax Kit has played a pivotal role in making sugaring accessible and convenient for me.

The Dreaded Waxing Experience

Due to the countless horror stories I had heard, I avoided waxing at home, but after COVID-19, I could no longer do so. After finding out that the horror stories were real after having the guts to test some wax strips, I was obliged to resume shaving.

When my friend told me about sugaring a few months ago, I thought it sounded too good to be true. She claimed to have sugared her legs once and that it took approximately three weeks for the hair to return. There were just too many advantages to overlook, and I was confident that I had to try it to verify her claims.


Exploring the Wonders of the Sugar Waxing

She suggested a Beaver Sugar Waxing Kit, so I quickly purchased one of the kits with everything I needed to sugar myself at home, reasoning that if she could do it herself at home, I could too.

I was familiar with waxing at home. Although the sugaring process is different and more involved than waxing, I was able to pick up the process easily after watching the tutorials on their YouTube channel.

The Sweet Surprise: No Pain!

The lack of discomfort was startling. Even after years of waxing, every waxing appointment left me in pain, but after my first sugaring session, I felt nothing.

Here are my reasons why I would never return to waxing for my fellow hair removal lovers who have been considering trying sugaring:


1. It is All-Natural!

Instead of the synthetic elements and plastics found in wax, sugaring wax is made of natural and organic substances. As a fellow keeper of Mother Earth, I aim to use sustainable practices in all facets of my life, and now I can take cross-hair removal off the list.

2. Kind to Your Complexion

Waxing is much harsher than sugaring due to how the wax pulls the hair out; waxing frequently results in redness, irritation, and occasionally bruising. Sugaring wax only adheres to hair and dead skin cells, not to live Skin. Therefore, there is no discomfort, and the Skin is exfoliated and smooth.

3. Wave Goodbye to Irritating Ingrowns

Ingrown hairs are the bane of any hair removal method, but I can tell you that I have not seen a single ingrown hair since I started sugaring.

All my friends have been getting sugar, and some experienced some difficulty the first time they did it because they had never waxed, sugared, used an epilator, or done anything comparable. But after going through it a second or third time, most of them claimed it was essentially painless. The hair will grow slower and thinner every time you sugar.


Please take my advice and avoid the pain of waxing to save your Skin, save yourself some time, and save some money. At home, try sugaring. You can and won't ever go back to waxing, I guarantee it.

Transitioning from waxing to sugaring has been a game-changer. Not only is it a more natural and eco-friendly option, but it's also gentler on the Skin and significantly reduces the occurrence of ingrown hairs. The Beaver Sugar Wax Kit, in particular, has made sugaring at home a breeze with its comprehensive kit and user-friendly tutorials.So, if you're tired of the pain, redness, and hassle that often comes with traditional waxing, it's time to switch to sugaring.

Say goodbye to waxing woes and hello to a more natural and effective hair removal method using Beaver Sugar waxing Kit.