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The Types of Hair You Should and Should Not Be Plucking

Sep 15, 2023


Hair, we all have it. Everyone has facial and body hair, but sometimes we don't want it. Tweezing, otherwise known as plucking, is a quick and painless way to for hair removal. It's as easy as owning a pair of tweezers, finding stray hair, and pulling it out of your body and life. It almost sounds too good to be true, and, in some cases, it is. The good thing is that sugaring has mapped what hairs you should and shouldn't pluck.

Facial Hair


Although most of us pluck our eyebrow hairs, it's recommended that you only do so once in a while. Relying on tweezers to maintain your brows can lead to overplucking, permanently damaging the already sensitive hair follicles if removed in the wrong direction. In extreme cases, overplucking can also always stop the growth of your natural eyebrow hairs. Most specialists recommend sugaring your eyebrow hairs instead of plucking because it's much safer.


Upper Lip

Sugaring offers a gentle and effective alternative to plucking for upper lip hair removal. Unlike plucking, which can be painful and potentially damage sensitive skin, sugaring is less invasive. A warm sugar paste is applied toward hair growth and then swiftly removed, removing unwanted hair. With sugaring, you can bid farewell to the discomfort of plucking and enjoy longer-lasting results with less risk of irritation or ingrown hairs.

There's even an area on the face known as 'the triangle of death" that goes from the bridge of your nose down to the corners of your upper lip. Although plucking hairs in this triangle won't kill you as the name suggests, it can cause infections worse than getting a cut on your knee.


Body Hair

Ingrown Hairs

Although ingrown hairs are downright awful, use all your willpower to put down the tweezers when you spot one. Plucking these pesky beasts can lead to scarring or infection, which nobody wants. Instead, apply a warm compress and try sugar wax.

A Better Solution than Plucking is Sugaring

While removing unwanted facial and body hair is handy, it's usually quite dangerous.

Plucking or tweezing takes time and is only invasive if the hair follicle is torn or deformed by the removal process. If removed from the root, tweezing causes hair to grow back like sugar waxing. People tend to break their hair when tweezing.

Doctors, dermatologists, and specialists recommend sugaring unwanted hairs instead because it's far less invasive than tweezing. Plus, sugaring lasts 4-6 weeks, whereas plucked hairs will grow back in less than a week.


It is crucial to approach hair removal with care and consideration. While plucking may seem convenient, it can be harmful, especially for delicate facial hairs. Opting for less pain methods like sugaring with the Beaver Sugar Waxing Kit is recommended. This approach offers longer-lasting results and minimizes the risk of damage and discomfort associated with plucking.

Transform your hair removal routine with the Beaver Sugar Waxing Kit. Say goodbye to plucking and embrace the natural beauty of sugaring for long-lasting results!