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5 Reasons Why Sugaring with Beaver Sugar Wax is Eco-Friendly

Sep 23, 2023


If you want to make more conscious beauty choices, it's time to bid farewell to the razor and say hello to sugaring with the Beaver Sugar Wax Kit. Compared to more conventional hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, or using hair removal products that include harsh chemicals, sugaring is not just a better option for your skin and wallet.

Here are five compelling reasons why sugaring is the sustainable beauty choice you should incorporate into your life:

 1. Natural Ingredients


Say goodbye to chemicals and plastics! Beaver Sugar Wax Kit is crafted from natural ingredients, not synthetic compounds like most waxes. Conventional hair removal creams rely on harsh chemicals to dissolve hair, but these chemicals can harm your skin and pose the risk of chemical burns. Beaver Sugar Wax Kit prioritizes your skin's health and safety.

2. Ingredients are Biodegradable

What makes our sugar wax genuinely exceptional is that it's not only natural but also biodegradable. Made primarily from sugar, it can be safely disposed of in your compost bin. Sugar is a natural substance that comes from the Earth and can return to the Earth without causing harm to the environment.

3. Sugaring is Zero Waste


Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency pegs the annual number of razors and refill blades in landfills at an astounding 2 billion? These plastic and metal parts are not recyclable and take years to degrade. Wax strips also contribute to the waste problem. Sugaring, on the other hand, is a zero-waste solution. It just require strips or spatulas and can be reused 8-10 times. Plus, our other products are thoughtfully packaged in glass or paper.

4. Sugaring Wax is Water Soluble

You are cleaning up after sugaring is a breeze. Our sugaring wax is primarily composed of sugar, making it water-soluble. Rinse it off with water. Unlike conventional wax, which typically contains oils and plastics, sugar wax doesn't require extensive cleaning effort. Plus, when you wash off your sugar residue, you're not releasing harmful chemicals into our precious water sources.

5. It's Reusable


Unlock the potential for long-term use with Beaver Sugar Wax Kit. Initially, you can get 8-10 benefits from a single lump of sugaring wax, but with practice, you'll become adept at using one projection to treat an entire body part. This means that one jar of Beaver Sugar Wax Kit can do the work of 8 jars of conventional wax, saving you money and reducing Waste.

Our mission is to help you remove unwanted hair and do so simply, safely, and with minimal environmental impact. We challenge you to make a sustainable swap in your beauty routine by ditching the razor or traditional wax and giving sugaring a try with the Beaver Sugar Wax Kit from Bare Body Essentials.

Ultimately, we are choosing sugaring benefits for both you and Mother Earth. Make the eco-friendly choice today with Beaver Sugar Wax Kit!